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Earth From Another Sun Reviews

Every update we give players the opportunity to give us their feedback using a form found in-game.

We've decided to share their answers.

Below you will find the answers players gave for Alpha 71, Alpha 72 was released on March 7th 2022, Alpha 73 should release around March 20th, at which point we will release the answers from Alpha 72.

What do you like or dislike about the game?

·        combat is amazing and graphics are cool just needs a little more touch up on planets when dealing with npcs

·        I havent really played as much of it, so i can say only one thing i really dislike. Its that if ur afk or something and you comeback after 20-30mins all things are 10x stronger than you. You cant even mine stone or farm pirates to close that gap.

·        Love the combat so far very mount and blade esque

·        if u run out fuel u can't just use the items in cargo to refuel

·        I've played about 30 minutes (give or take) and it has been very boring.

·        its fun but the netcode for multiplayer kinda sucks

·        Definitely needs a lot of polish but its concept is for sure unique and fun.

·        I'm really enjoying after that last update although I'd still really anjoy not having to run around at every port.

·        I like the game so far. I was expecting some crashes, so it's okay so far. There could be level visible while changing weapons in your ship.

·        Level scaling is jacked, Enemies are already far outside my capabilities, mining, and debris. Nothing is accessible any longer. Following the guidlines of the game everything scales well outside of reach quickly.

·        Some parts felt very unfinished, I recognise that the game isn't complete and these will be improved. One thing that I definitely didn't enjoy is the movement speed. It feels far too fast, though that may be me being used to games where movement speed is much lower


·        Economy is very easy to figure out, combat is exciting, good base game with an exciting future

·        Love the concept, but it's still very much a WIP of course. That's why I wouldn't recommend it as of now.

·        Lower level progress is impossible. Played for 8 hours and only got to lvl 3 because the difficulty bubbles kept moving

·        i really liked roaming space and recruiting an army, the battles are really fun too so far just needs more variety of soldiers to recruit

·        just starting the game but so far I like how it is sort of a mesh of different types of games

·        Liking the mix between First person and and Top Down perspectives.

·        love the soundtrack the variety of gameplay and the graphics are great

·        I enjoyed the combat and the environment so far

·        Combat engagement have an open world feel to them given the size of the maps.

·        enjoyable combat. difficulty at the beginning is a bit mad

·        Not a lot of clear directon on how to refuel or exactly what you need to do.

·        Love the concepts already in place and the roadmap has some solid content. Keep up the great work guys!

·        The overall feel of the game is great. However, there are issues with trying to shoot and move around rocks in the battle zones. Enemies will be close to the edge of the rock and you will be aiming directly at them, but the bullets will register hitting the rock and not the enemy. Improvements on the leveling system need to be done as well. I leveled my mining and recycle skill, but when I closed the game and relaunched it, my skills I had earned were gone. Then, since I guess the galaxy stays levels ahead of you, I was unable to ever level my skills since everything was way above my skill level.

·        I actually like this game alot. I feel like its missing some depth. some better character progression and soldier progression. It seems real "cookie Cutter" right now. Especially in the battles. There should be a prestaging right before battle. EXAMPLE: you should be able to place your troops in formations and move them around before the battle starts. I have alos noticed that i have been completely out leveled in the areas that i start a game...idk if that was intentional or not...but it was pretty hard getting started

·        Lots of super polished textures and items but very little in the way of content. no quests, same worlds. enemies scale to you not the region so no real reason to raise armies to make fighting easier. Obviously going for a mount and blade but sifi aesthetic. but little to no command options to direct units in field. no ability to assign units to custom squads. list goes on. WAY too incomplete for a reccomendation.

·        I like the big armies in combat but I feel that needing to reach a certain fleet level and not enough money to do so I feel it is not well balanced for completing the main quests.

·        dislike: there is no level balanced areas. enemies can go from level9 to level 14 and the tanks health is too low. some of the shop sells high level gear instead of what's at you level. the game requires more weapons (assault rifles, rocket launchers, snipers, mini guns etc.

·        each time you load you have unequip and re equip mods for them to work


·        Attempted single player mode. After discussion with 2nd consciousness, the game doesn't respond to keyboard or mouse inputs. No actions are allowed to happen to enter pilot mode/ get to orange marker/etc. Had to close game from outside game each time. This player received assistance and was able to play the game.

·        like the combat but seems a little easy, there was some network lag when on space stations

·        What I love most is being able to hire massive armies of foot soldiers to help me fight all of my battles. I also love how intuitive the game's controls and mechanics are. With how big of a game this is, I'm surprised everything is pretty easily and neatly squared away in the control scheme. I also love the free roam battles you can take on with pirates. As soon as the opening dialogue finished when I first jumped in, I was attacked by pirates, giving me a full immersive experience right off the bat.

·        very playable easy to navigate better then star citizen

·        its getting there but needs little more character skin models, and more user friendly intro to the game. for example the pirates are hard to beat due to your troop run rather then stay and defend.

·        Walking around the ship

·        not smooth

·        A lot of great things, only complaints are clunky npcs and some broken graphics

·        The soldier units' AI is terrible and the battle field command function is hard to use. Furthermore, players might want more space between their forces and their enemies when a battle begins, otherwise they won't have enough time to adjsut their formation and apply any strategy. I also hope the character's outlook can change as I change my equipments.

·        I was really lost when i first started playing. The first quest doesnt help you understand that you should be mineing things or attacking pirates on the way to the first world. When i got to the world to turn in my first quest all was great tell it wants me to start fighting pirates. im lvl 1 and all that is around that world is lvl 11 and up. I had to look up game play videos to even realize that there were rifts and what not. The first mission should have you try these things or as you are flying you should get something that pops to tell you to try and attack stuff. coming into it i thought the first mission would do what it needed to help me from the start. i had to restart my game once i learned that i needed to lvl before getting to the first world. Even if you did a tutorial to just show what things you can do in game or the basic way to play. I think you would lose a lot of ppl who want to play just by the start up confusion and feeling so lost. Also when trading in the world it should not count for your quest if i need to be on a space station it should only work on a space station. You can cheat the mission on accident

·        game lost my save

·        "the game was more enjoyable in the early versions. the wave to wave survival was more fun.

·        to much early story. all an all i resinstalled the game only to uninstall it. roguelike mode isnt even open to early backers without another key. if this becomes accessable i may try the game again."

·        Loved everything except the framerate, my PC has a bit of trouble handling it on medium and high. For some reason it can't handle low graphics though, which is funny.

·        intresting idea overall but the game is a bit empty, but looking at what seems to be in the works doesnt look like itll be that long for a bit more content

·        havent tried it yet.

·        The camera can be twitchy sometimes. For example I will be looking one way and move to look around and will be pointed directly up all of a sudden.

·        the enemy ai and the dialouge

·        Notuntil you can use a controller

·        so far ive enjoyed everything. Mount n Blade in space. love it.

·        The idea of what this could be is awesome. Hoping it can be everything it should be. A bit fiddly trying to leave planets sometimes but other than that, its pretty cool.


·        Great scale combat, diversity in landscapes. I would like to see more world exploration

·        crashes on a conquer completion

·        i enjoy the overall concept of the game and i loved Mount n Blade so this is a spiritual successor.

·        Amazing atmosphere during gameplay

·        I think the game has a very good base layer. Trade, combat, exploration. I'll have to get in further to see how it progresses.

·        The game lack a lot of fundamental features

·        The Atmosphere, The Planet and the Fights, dislike the NPC, and the Empty Worlds and

·        It needs a significant amount of polish before being released on steam. The game itself gameplay wise is foundationally thrilling but items such as lack of variety between battle areas, bugs from weapons and other small similar very noticeable bugs would be highlighted greatly in the initial reviews. I also recommend changing the character designs/polish especially the waifu element as it will alienate a large portion of the gaming community (although the appeal for some is notable). I would like to say that the game itself is FANTASTIC!! I became a backer knowing that it would likely not be ready for release but I have already sunk a good 10 hours into the game and loved it. Looking forward to seeing what comes next and I will try to be involved as possible.

·        Im about 4-5 hours in the game, but I love the fact that you can build your own fleet and army. Gather up weapons and equipment to use alongside your army as well. The idea behind this game is great. Not very many games like this and I think it will go far!

·        The bugs are pretty bad at the moment

·        wish it had more weapons and skills/mods

·        fighting, looting, trading

·        to many stuff that a not corect